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Varsity, JV, C-Team: What's the Difference?

The Redmond High School baseball program fields three teams each year. The program typically includes 40 to 50 players.

  • For most, C-team is an introduction to high school baseball. We’re focused on developing individual skills and playing experience as well as juggling the demands of high school and athletics.
  • JV is about refining the skills and competitive mindset that players need to succeed at the Varsity level.
  • Our Varsity team is built to compete. Plain and simple, the primary goal is to win baseball games.

While each team has a different mission, we are all One Herd moving in one direction: to build character, teamwork, represent the school, and compete hard every day.

2019 Team Tryouts

Tryouts for the 2019 season start at 2:45 p.m. on Feb. 25 and continue Feb. 26 and 27. Varsity, JV, and C-team rosters will be posted on this site prior to the first day of practice on Feb. 28. 

Check your email or this site for updates about field conditions at RHS and Hartman.

We want you to have your best tryout. Check out our Tips for Tryouts for more details.

Not everyone makes a team and not everyone makes the team they expect. When you try out, we presume that you’re committed to practicing and competing all season no matter which team you’re on.

We’re not just looking for skilled ballplayers at our tryouts. We need people who show enthusiasm, passion, leadership, and who are great teammates. Hope to see you out there.